Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rawsome meal for two!

Rawsome meal for two!
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Was great day venturing out to our local health food stores today. Gathering up organic fruits and veggies to make this Rawsome dinner for two. You are looking at celery with goat cheese and walnuts,tomato's with goat cheese and pecans. The nori rolls were fun to make and very tasty. They are made with mango,cucumber,carrots,avocado,chives, green apple and horse radish sause. Yummy !

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time Out for Health

Raw: The Uncook Book: New Vegetarian Food for LifeThe Raw GourmetLiving Cuisine: The Art and Spirit of Raw Foods (Avery Health Guides)

Postponing my Blogging on " Moments in Being A Mother," so that I can spend some moments getting back
to Health. Above are some wonderful books that give you a hint as to why the name "Rawsomenana." My husband and I were following the Raw eating habits faithfully, untill a few weeks ago. We have been cheating little more than we should, and by doing so we are only cheating ourselves of the wonderful health benefits of a raw, organic lifestyle.. So we're grabbing the books , making the groc list of nuts, seeds ,veggies and fruits that we need to gather. I will post pictures of some of the yummy raw foods that I've made.
Talk to ya once  we get the wheatgrass seeds prepared for sprouting :) Rawsome Night to All !

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures
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When planning meal in my kitchen , items needed are few. Walnuts,
sundried tomatoes and organic zucchini . Raw and ready in minutes.

Moments in Time

As the clocks are set ahead today, I still find myself looking back. Last March entered my life like a lion,its roar so fierce ,its sharp teeth ripping at my heart. One moment I was laughing with my mother and sisters in the hospital room as my oldest daughter was having a colonscopy. The next moment hearing the words cancer!
A year later driving with my daughter to grandsons hockey game,I snap a photo of her. She is laughing, her beautiful curls grown back, eyes sparkle. The sounds of  my grandchildren in backseat laughing at each other. With such joyful moments as these, why bring up such painful moments gone by?
Because the painful moments as well as joyful moments in our lives are what our time on this earth are made of. 
My last post shows poster of my " Twelve Commandments," first two commandments are Be Me and Release. In order for the Twelve Commandments to work , my words need to be followed with action.
If left as mear words on a piece of paper, than once again moments have been wasted. Time waits for no one,joy can be turned to pain in a moment. At this moment I choose action ,action will create Release, with Release,I can  Be Me!
For the next two weeks my blog will take you though the story of  my moments of being a mother . I  have no idea the tone nor story line in this moment. What I do know ,is that when you read the words in my story, you will  know I'm Being Me! From this moment forward, I shall walk, not march, whisper so as to release the roar. In this moment I am grateful for the Joy !!