Sunday, May 9, 2010

Strength/Faith/ Belief/ Hope/ Love

For every dollar, auction item you donate on, every prayer, donation of goods and services/ every hope and dream is giving her the chance to BE!! To be a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend....!
Because of you , she will heal, and pay forward the healing. As her Mom, my dream for her to heal, so that when her battle is won, with her, my daughter April, and all of you by myside. We can together change more than just her life, we can change many !!! Today, what you are doing for my precious child, you are also doing for the future of her precious children. This will never be forgotten, nor will it stop here...My mission for the rest of my days, are to form a foundation . A foundation that will give your mother, your child, or spouse, or friend the chose to seek alternative healing. Please know that you have all given our family strength, faith,belief, hope and we can't say thank you enough !!