Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Love You

Been few weeks since my last post and I'm so Happy to say , that I've been too busy to do so !!
Over the two weeks my life has been a whirlwind of joy! Never in my life have I experienced such love, human compassion and kindness, as I have over the past two weeks...From the beginning my blog has expressed my deep desire for healing. Healing for my daughter, our planet, our communities and for the human race... Well, our planet is still in great pain, more and more destruction daily. The oil spill that is going to effect so many lives, destruction that will touch all our lives. Our communities are still filled with homeless, sick, hungry,lonely and lost souls.The human race is still running trying to catch up with yesterday, while never having the time to enjoy today.. There is still corruption, greed, crime and headlines flashing daily with horrible deeds done to another. I may be seen as someone that lives in a little world of my own, la-la land is what some would label it..Hm mm...well you know la-la land is much happier place to be then and blah -blah land :) Because you know what? I have experienced a world over the past few weeks that many many would give anything to live in..
My little world has grown bigger and faster than I could of ever dreamt.. It started with my commitment to the healing of my daughter.. to help her receive the healing that insurance won't pay for.. When I first en counted the dollar amount that we would need to come up with .I was frightened, angry and did not know how we would ever be able to get her to the Gerson Clinic. I have not once lost faith or belief in the knowledge that this time around , her only true way to complete healing was to heal body, mind and spirit..
To detox, and nourish her body with organic foods, juices, and supplements that her body so badly needs.
I feel this as strongly as , I feel that chemo , radiation are not the answer...How can a body with dis-ease be made healthy with more chemicals and toxins...
The day she told me that her CT scan showed a spot on her liver, and the doctors were concerned, was the day I was unable to keep hidden the anger and fear that was in my heart... Anger that she had to go through this, anger that anyone had to suffer so with a dis-ease that for over 100 years billions and billions of dollars have been spent. Spent on research for a cure! Well here we are and still no cure, and millions of dollars still being raised , not for cures, but for more drugs . Anger because there is no money raised for natural healing, for organic foods, reiki, massage, de-tox ....for people that want to try another way...Its very important that there are drugs and research as they have helped save many lives. I have been very grateful for some of those drugs and medical doctors . But, after seeing what chemo did to my child and her cancer may now be in her liver...I just can't close my eyes and let that happen again...How can her liver that is already toxic , heal when being pumped full of chemo?
Well!!! The day I got that news ,my emotions roared out like a wounded lion....
Two weeks later I'm still roaring , but not from wounds. But from love, hope and the unwavering conviction that my daughter is going to heal...completely heal, and that she is going to heal with love, nourishment, nature, and with Gods Healing Foods...
The most beautiful souls have been sent to her by God , to assist us in getting her the healing she so needs and deserves. I know that many do not believe in her healing path, nor does she or I pass judgement on them. No one knows what they would do, unless they have walked in her shoes, felt what she has felt, cried like she's cried. And no mother on this earth knows what they would do until they walk in my shoes, to see their child go through what she did, to hear her cry, to wipe away her tears and try to sooth her fears!!!!
SO from the bottom of my heart I say thank you to all of you that support and love my daughter. For giving our whole family hope. We do not ask that you believe, just that you believe in her, her love for life, family , God and that she will pay the healing forward !!! For any that do not support her path taken, I understand.. It is always scary to take the path less traveled ..But none of us should ever have to travel any path alone...
Sending love to all on this Beautiful Night

Sunday, April 25, 2010