Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kylee's Rawsome Healing Speech from Dance

Kylee’s Rawsome Healing Speech

June 4th, 2010

Fundraising Dance @ Hilton Gardens

Would like to take a moment to give special thanks to my family.

Jay for putting up with us wild women and loving me thru and thru. April, for always being true to nature, true to herself, inspiring me to be a better person. My Mom, for making things happen and loving so big. My Dad, for not just going along with us strong willed women for many years but, for always willing to learn and try new things along with us.

And Todd, my husband, not so much for your fighting me on certain things , but for being man enough to acknowledge that it’s not about giving in and just doing what I want but being willing to trust me and for staying by my side. You could have turned and walked the other way many times. But you haven’t and I am blessed in knowing that we are in this together. Thank you for being there even when you were uncertain or scared. We will heal together.

Saying thank you simply isn’t enough to express my gratitude. Usually I’m one of many words, always talking. But when I look out at all of you and reflect back on the past five weeks, I’m in awe of the out pouring of love and generosity. Some from those who have known me for years, maybe my whole life, others who have known me for a short time, probably through hockey or Todd, and the rest who don’t even know meat all.

Well. God knows me so well, that he knew without all of you I may not have done the researching, done the hard work and deep searching within to choose this way. That I believe is His way. Many times I’ve had the conversation with Him asking,” Are you sure God?”” It’s not really what I want to do but if this is what you want, what you have willed for me, make it known , PLEASE! And He knows how bad I can be at making decisions and choosing what’s right. He never leaves me in question for long because in those desperate moments of wanting a solid answer I would get a text of encouragement or see a message on facebook. Someone sharing their time, their love, donating, or expressing their support and how cancer has affected their life. Those things taking place were the only answers I needed.

I remember waiting for test results the second time around, only a year after my first diagnosis. This time I wasn’t in a hurry to find out. God knew I needed the time to listen, to hear from others, to hear Him and to see what was taking place around me so that when I made my choice I could state my case boldly and firmly. To stand firm in my convictions if and when others may doubt my choice of treatment. During this time of wonder, I realized that this is about so much more than just me .It’s about reaching out to those who have lived in their thinking that “ ignorance is bliss and what I don’t know won’t hurt me.” I was very much living my life this way until I sat in the doctor’s office and heard that I have cancer. My first response was “I just want more time. But I also had to realize that it wasn’t about getting more time, it needed to be.” what am I going to do with the time I have been given-how am I going to be – who am I going to be in whatever amount of time I am given.. That’s when I wanted to know the truth. I wanted to know more! I wanted to live by knowledge, because knowledge is power and I’d rather be powerful and know the truths, then be ignorant to what is going on around me. I started asking why people getting cancer and other dies-ease are. Why do the things that supposedly kill the cancer make you so sick, killing the good in you? Not only waging war on your organs, but on your mind. So this time around I have made the choice to know everything I can, to find the truth and toe end the suffering. Not from cancer, but from the chemo and radiation I endured. I now choose to know and I choose to change.

There is a saying that my mom has been inspired by, “Be the Change you want to see in the world.” That’s what this is really all about. This is what I am setting out to do! My destiny, I have questioned for a long time. It is my responsibility to grab it and put it to work. Everything is possible for he who believes! If or when there are days I’m tied or weak, I will be reminded of this night, this weekend and all of you and I will KEEP ON!! I will be praying for each of you that I do not gain from this journey alone, but that each of you and your families will use my experiences with cancer and my healing journey and make it your own. We all have a story and I can’t wait to one day hear yours. God is working something so divine right now and I pray you grab it with both hands always is a part of what you all helped to create!! God Bless You All and KEEP ON!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Strength/Faith/ Belief/ Hope/ Love

For every dollar, auction item you donate on, every prayer, donation of goods and services/ every hope and dream is giving her the chance to BE!! To be a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend....!
Because of you , she will heal, and pay forward the healing. As her Mom, my dream for her to heal, so that when her battle is won, with her, my daughter April, and all of you by myside. We can together change more than just her life, we can change many !!! Today, what you are doing for my precious child, you are also doing for the future of her precious children. This will never be forgotten, nor will it stop here...My mission for the rest of my days, are to form a foundation . A foundation that will give your mother, your child, or spouse, or friend the chose to seek alternative healing. Please know that you have all given our family strength, faith,belief, hope and we can't say thank you enough !!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gentle Man

This post is dedicated to a wonderful father, friend and husband ! My girls and are I are such lucky women.
We have been blessed with a man in our lives that is always there, even when you don't know he is. His quiet , gentle presense felt by all of us. He is a man of very few words, but his smile and laughter say more than words . When our girls were growing up, he never had to be pleaded with to play outside with them, he always put them first. He never demanded they be the best, he supported them in what ever their dreams were. He loved them for who they were, and always encouraged them in what ever they did.. He never pushed them to be the best , in order to make him shine ..he just gentley guided them to find their own shinning star.. they both always knew that dad was there cheering them on, crying tears of pride when they won blue ribbons in the horse show, slid in to home plate, made a speech about woman's rights in front of a crowed room, when his little horse lover spend hours in frezzing cold lugging hay and water buckets...
He never complained about dents and dings in car, that know one knew how they got there :) or the house full of noise, bathroom he could never use, buying the wants ,that he really didn't have the money to buy..
No, is a dad that just gentley and quitley stood by, letting them know, that he was always by their side..

He is my husband, best friend . He brings me back to where I need to be.. When I rant, rave and see only the dark. All I need do is feel his gentle breeze , to bring me back to me.. He does not ask for attention, nor to be in the spotlight.He does not ask that I be a perfect housewife, beauty queen, he always loves and supports me even when I know that he may disagree...

He  is my husband, a true GENTLE -MAN and brings me to the quiet safe place where I'm always loved, safe and able to rest my weary soul...

I love you my gentle-man , thank you for letting me fly ..!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Love You

Been few weeks since my last post and I'm so Happy to say , that I've been too busy to do so !!
Over the two weeks my life has been a whirlwind of joy! Never in my life have I experienced such love, human compassion and kindness, as I have over the past two weeks...From the beginning my blog has expressed my deep desire for healing. Healing for my daughter, our planet, our communities and for the human race... Well, our planet is still in great pain, more and more destruction daily. The oil spill that is going to effect so many lives, destruction that will touch all our lives. Our communities are still filled with homeless, sick, hungry,lonely and lost souls.The human race is still running trying to catch up with yesterday, while never having the time to enjoy today.. There is still corruption, greed, crime and headlines flashing daily with horrible deeds done to another. I may be seen as someone that lives in a little world of my own, la-la land is what some would label it..Hm mm...well you know la-la land is much happier place to be then and blah -blah land :) Because you know what? I have experienced a world over the past few weeks that many many would give anything to live in..
My little world has grown bigger and faster than I could of ever dreamt.. It started with my commitment to the healing of my daughter.. to help her receive the healing that insurance won't pay for.. When I first en counted the dollar amount that we would need to come up with .I was frightened, angry and did not know how we would ever be able to get her to the Gerson Clinic. I have not once lost faith or belief in the knowledge that this time around , her only true way to complete healing was to heal body, mind and spirit..
To detox, and nourish her body with organic foods, juices, and supplements that her body so badly needs.
I feel this as strongly as , I feel that chemo , radiation are not the answer...How can a body with dis-ease be made healthy with more chemicals and toxins...
The day she told me that her CT scan showed a spot on her liver, and the doctors were concerned, was the day I was unable to keep hidden the anger and fear that was in my heart... Anger that she had to go through this, anger that anyone had to suffer so with a dis-ease that for over 100 years billions and billions of dollars have been spent. Spent on research for a cure! Well here we are and still no cure, and millions of dollars still being raised , not for cures, but for more drugs . Anger because there is no money raised for natural healing, for organic foods, reiki, massage, de-tox ....for people that want to try another way...Its very important that there are drugs and research as they have helped save many lives. I have been very grateful for some of those drugs and medical doctors . But, after seeing what chemo did to my child and her cancer may now be in her liver...I just can't close my eyes and let that happen again...How can her liver that is already toxic , heal when being pumped full of chemo?
Well!!! The day I got that news ,my emotions roared out like a wounded lion....
Two weeks later I'm still roaring , but not from wounds. But from love, hope and the unwavering conviction that my daughter is going to heal...completely heal, and that she is going to heal with love, nourishment, nature, and with Gods Healing Foods...
The most beautiful souls have been sent to her by God , to assist us in getting her the healing she so needs and deserves. I know that many do not believe in her healing path, nor does she or I pass judgement on them. No one knows what they would do, unless they have walked in her shoes, felt what she has felt, cried like she's cried. And no mother on this earth knows what they would do until they walk in my shoes, to see their child go through what she did, to hear her cry, to wipe away her tears and try to sooth her fears!!!!
SO from the bottom of my heart I say thank you to all of you that support and love my daughter. For giving our whole family hope. We do not ask that you believe, just that you believe in her, her love for life, family , God and that she will pay the healing forward !!! For any that do not support her path taken, I understand.. It is always scary to take the path less traveled ..But none of us should ever have to travel any path alone...
Sending love to all on this Beautiful Night

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Path Less Traveled

Sun is shining, birds singing, grass greening , coffee on! My list is long today, time has no meaning, the words I write in my journal tonight have yet to be thought of. The people I will meet, the smiles I will give and receive are but in my imagination, but I know it will be so, as, if I put it out there, I will receive all that I dream of . Every person I encounter throughout this day will have a story to tell, some will speak their story, while others wear upon their face. The way they tell their story may be with a smile, a skip to their step or will a frown, angry gesture, face to the ground. As I venture out in to the world today, I know that I will meet with encouragement, as well as whispered hushing behind my back. Some will tell me that my beliefs are based on fear,hope, dreams,and that my beliefs are not backed by society in general. I can choose to listen, changing my beliefs to what is known and excepted or I can forge on, head held high, and follow my heart and spirit ! It does not mean that they are wrong , or that they don't care ..it only means that is even more of a reason for me to STAY true to ME!! I can and will stay on this path to healing my daughter! I feel it so deeply! Not out fear, but out of HOPE !! Hope to share with many , through the blessing we have all been gifted with, but for so so long have closed our hearts and minds too! The Healing Foods from Gods Garden of Love!!!
Walking a the path less traveled is not easy, without its roadblocks or boulders to move, but it does not mean that it can't work !! It is going to take alot of work to raise money, to keep the doomsayers at bay (Doctors carrring little black bag of magic drugs) . But we're ready! The " The Green that Heals" fundraising has begun! So before I put on sneakers, and head down the path , I start the day with this prayer ! Thank you, you have shown me what I could not see, helped me hear what I could not hear and given me what has always been there !!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

If ???

If I were an enlightened being, truly in touch with my spirit self, this picture would take me away for a few moments. Take me to a place where there is no pain, suffering, fear, violence and greed. No trash on the side of our roads, no Walmarts or chain grocery stores. But of communities where everyone took care of each other, where people grew old with grace, health and dignity. Where children never had to hear parents fight over the lack of money to pay the bills or put food on the table.Where medical insurance had never been heard of as the peoples insurance was that they would always have an abundance of healthy foods, water, clean air. If a child was hungry all he would have to do is run outside pick fresh vegtables or fruit , filling his little belly with vibrant energy . A place where the aging were cherished for their wisdom and life stories, instead of disgarded like yesterdays newspaper.
I certainly have done my share of pollutting and poisioning this earth.Have spent more time in a Walmart or Chain Store than I wish to admit. Have walked streets while on vacation where the park benches are covered with homeless human beings, while I drink my Starbucks coffee. I have thrown enough food in the trash can over the years to feed many straving children. Owned more clothes and pairs of shoes than is even remotely sane for one person to need. I have taken so much and given so very little back in the 51 years I've been blessed to live on the planet.
Reality of life is that there is no place for me to escape all that I see around me, nor do I want to really escape. What I dream of is a place and a time where neighbors once again take care of each other, that we all need less and give more. I want my children and grandchildren to be healthy, to have an abundance of fresh healing food , clean air to breath and water to drink. Most of all I want a world where people care more about people than they do things! And I pray that someday our Medical Society and Goverment care enough to allow us the Right to our Health. To not ban , hush or destroy the cure for cancer that God created ! The cause of  cancer and most every dis-ease is caused by the industrial revolution and mans greed to have more, more , more and more! How can millions, trillions be made everyday by so many if you take drugs, posions and chemicals away and replace with what really cures? They can't , as nature can't be pattened, so they are making sure the real cure is slowly destroyed. If the FDA says it doesn't work than , they must be right !!
Am I an angry , crazy person ...trying to bring doom , gloom , fear and unhappiness to your day? No! I am a mother, daughter, wife ,grandmother and part of this human race . A human creation , created for a purpose on this earth other than to destroy it.
I want to build a community of Happiness, Abundance, Health and Love, but I can't do it alone and neither can You... We weren't put here to be alone, hungry , homeless , sick ...We were put here to see how long we would allow this to continue!!! Don't worry I'm ok :) Whew time for some organic Chamoile Tea :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Warrior Mom on Green Healing / Happiness Mission

The Gerson MiracleA Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced CancerHealing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic DiseasesThe Beautiful Truth
Since the day I got the courage to venture in to the world of blogging my main theme has been "Happiness Project." Not in one blog have I had the courage to come right out and say why I was so intent on creating happiness in my life as well  as for anyone out there , that may connect with my blogs. Few weeks ago I posted a picture of my daughter Kylee at the Dempsey Challenge from last summer. At that time Kylee had gone through many rounds of radiation, and two rounds of heavy doses of chemo ( and many painful days of drug withdrawals.) In the months since then she has grown stronger physically and emotionaly.Her beautiful curls growing back, sparkle in her eyes and living every moment with passion .. Yesterday met with her doctor to review CT scans, not a worry , feeling positive ..Wham, he informs her that there is a spot on her liver that concerns him and wants to set up app for biopsy. Her words to me were..( Did not see that coming at all). We are staying positive, and it may be false alarm, but one that is certainly a wake up call !! Not even a year has passed since she completed all those horrible treatments that were supposed to kill all those nasty cancer cells and now she hears the words that it may be back,but in her liver. With all my heart and soul I know that chemo is not the answer if it is cancer!! How can the liver an organ as important as the heart survive and every heal when filled with more poison, same toxic chemical used to kill during wars...

During her treatments I looked everywhere and read everything I could get my hands that made more sense and that was natural for healing cancer and that is when I discovered the Gerson Therapy.. !!

It  makes so much sense to every part of my being ... Its going to take lots of time, energy and committment from myself, husband , younger daughter , Ky's husband, friends and extended family, but we are going to grab on to this hope and natural way of healing.

If anyone out there reading this has ever had any experience with the Gerson Therapy ..please please email me. I want to hear your story, what worked and what didn't....or if you know of anyone that has !!!

Also, if anyone out there has any of the Gerson books or dvd's that they would be willing to lend me, it would be greatly and forever apperciated  ..as it will be expensive to purchase the huge amounts of organic fruits , veggies and natural treatments needed to follow the Gerson Therapy 100%...and medical insurance will not pay for anything other then chemicals.  I will return the books in same condition as received... also I promise to pay it forward....

Till tomorrow , be happy, love big, laugh loud, and love yourself enough to eat clean, organic God foods...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Giving Happiness Contest

Sitting on my front steps, listening to the gentle breeze,the sounds of a woodpecker and a chipmunk playing in the woods. With all this beauty and peacefulness around me,I ponder my purpose for this day.Asking myself why its so hard to be at home with myself as naturally as nature is..Listening to the woodpecker it reminds me of most of our days, pecking away at life..trying to crave out a space for ourselves in this hectic busy world. Really don't know much about woodpeckers , but do know that they have a purpose to their pecking away...the big question is .."What is my purpose for pecking away?" Hmmmmmmmmmm?
That is a Big question , one that will take some soul seaching and more time to spend on then the morning allows. so for the moment I am going to give my worries to the gentle breeze and pretend I'm like the little Chipmunk and scurry on in to get ready for a Wonderful Day ..and gather up all the Happiness there is out there waiting for me....!! Wishing you all a wonderful day !!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Giving Happiness Contest

The Power of Giving: How Giving Back Enriches Us AllIn many of my blogs I've sent an invitation to all that follow my Rawsomenana Adventures , to join me in "My Happiness Project." For those of you that have been reading my blogs this is a real Invitation ! Starting April 5th , you have the chance to win a "Rawsomenana Happiness Goodie Bag." The bag will be one of my handmade creations, filled with other homemade goodies...I 'm not going to list items that will be in gift bag, as if your anything like me ...Surprises are always the best gifts...!!! Now to the rules of the

Giving Happiness Contest

 Contest starts April 5th and winner will be chosen on April 25th...
 You must be signed on as follower..........
 You must be willing to send me your mailing address...

You must be able to spend 5 minutes a day creating Happiness for another person...then to send comment to this blog ...telling me what you did and how you felt creating happiness..

It is very important that you not miss a day, if you do you will no longer be able to qualify ..

Its that simple!!!! In just 5 minutes a day you can make a difference in someones day..how or what you do to create Happiness each day is completely up to you...the important thing is that you do it!!!

If you know of others that would be interested in this contest, please pass on the Happiness !!!!
Really look forward to reading all your comments tomorrow evening !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happiness Project Invitation

Everyday our spirits are bombarded with news reports of the human race at war with each other,be it road rage, hate crimes, greed, corruption or destruction. We wait in line at grocery store, magazines headlines screaming out of pain , broken hearts, lives destroyed by loss of employment, poor health care...ON ON and ON!!! For the past week I've been at war with myself , one moment of hope suddenly turns in to despair, at times questioning myself , my motives for blogging and hearing more negative than positive thoughs running though my mind.... this was keeping me from my "Happiness Project," and this was beginning to create a feeling of failure. That I was getting sucked back into a dark place, that reminds me of looking though film covered glasses. Don't get me wrong , not every moment  of my days were so pitiful, but enough that my thoughts were focusing  less on what CAN be and more or what can't be..

THEN!! Life once again sent me a special gift !! A gift that restored my belief in myself, that my sharing of my passions , hopes and dreams can make an IMPACT!! Gifts come in many forms, but the ones that come from the heart are truly a present , but when that gift is delivered to you from a person , many miles away,a stranger ....That is called " Making a Difference!"

Because that person allowed their beautiful spirit to quide them, they created a ripple effect of human connection ,the need for the human race reconnecting is the magic ingredient to "Happiness."

So I invite anyone out there reading this blog to create a "Happiness Project." Ask yourself this question,
When do I feel the Happiest ? Is it when you feel connected to something or someone, making a difference, creating laughter, love, hope and happiness ? Do you think "Happiness " is created by ME or We ? Is it more important to have more, give less , create more destruction, pain and greed , or to need less, give more,create beauty and healing? Reclaiming our humanity is our birthright, our purpose on this earth!
You and Me = We.........What an amazing IMPACT that could be!

Look forward to the Happiness that I know We can Create!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Year Later ..Picture From my Heart

   My daughter Kylee   

                     My  wish is that you join in spreading LOVE and LAUGHTER and may the picture inspire all of us to  LIVE  grateful for every moment! 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Awesome Granola !!

Awesome Granola !!
Originally uploaded by rawsomenana
Today was wonderful day spent creating in the kitchen,and even more enjoyable to listen to Joe comment on how much he enjoyed my raw inspirations. Granola is so fun to make. I felt like a mad scientist in my little but cozy kitchen lab.
Joe and I went to 3 different locations before I found just the right Maple Syrup. Was so excited as I mixed all ingredients in food processor, adding the maple syrup,cranberries, coconut, sunflower seeds,oats, almonds and then for a drop of my new organic vanilla extract. Oh no !!! Wasn't vanilla , it was Peppermint !! I was so so upset, all those wonderful and expensive ingredients ruined!
Slowly raised spoon to mouth...how bad could it really be ? I couldn't believe it!! It tasted amazing, fabulous, fantastic !!!!!!!!!
Then came the true test ...Joe try this new granola I'm making.. Reaction ? Same as mine , he loved it ...
Lesson learned ......... Sometimes life doesn't go as planned , and thats OK.. !!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rawsome meal for two!

Rawsome meal for two!
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Was great day venturing out to our local health food stores today. Gathering up organic fruits and veggies to make this Rawsome dinner for two. You are looking at celery with goat cheese and walnuts,tomato's with goat cheese and pecans. The nori rolls were fun to make and very tasty. They are made with mango,cucumber,carrots,avocado,chives, green apple and horse radish sause. Yummy !

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time Out for Health

Raw: The Uncook Book: New Vegetarian Food for LifeThe Raw GourmetLiving Cuisine: The Art and Spirit of Raw Foods (Avery Health Guides)

Postponing my Blogging on " Moments in Being A Mother," so that I can spend some moments getting back
to Health. Above are some wonderful books that give you a hint as to why the name "Rawsomenana." My husband and I were following the Raw eating habits faithfully, untill a few weeks ago. We have been cheating little more than we should, and by doing so we are only cheating ourselves of the wonderful health benefits of a raw, organic lifestyle.. So we're grabbing the books , making the groc list of nuts, seeds ,veggies and fruits that we need to gather. I will post pictures of some of the yummy raw foods that I've made.
Talk to ya once  we get the wheatgrass seeds prepared for sprouting :) Rawsome Night to All !