Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happiness Project Invitation

Everyday our spirits are bombarded with news reports of the human race at war with each other,be it road rage, hate crimes, greed, corruption or destruction. We wait in line at grocery store, magazines headlines screaming out of pain , broken hearts, lives destroyed by loss of employment, poor health care...ON ON and ON!!! For the past week I've been at war with myself , one moment of hope suddenly turns in to despair, at times questioning myself , my motives for blogging and hearing more negative than positive thoughs running though my mind.... this was keeping me from my "Happiness Project," and this was beginning to create a feeling of failure. That I was getting sucked back into a dark place, that reminds me of looking though film covered glasses. Don't get me wrong , not every moment  of my days were so pitiful, but enough that my thoughts were focusing  less on what CAN be and more or what can't be..

THEN!! Life once again sent me a special gift !! A gift that restored my belief in myself, that my sharing of my passions , hopes and dreams can make an IMPACT!! Gifts come in many forms, but the ones that come from the heart are truly a present , but when that gift is delivered to you from a person , many miles away,a stranger ....That is called " Making a Difference!"

Because that person allowed their beautiful spirit to quide them, they created a ripple effect of human connection ,the need for the human race reconnecting is the magic ingredient to "Happiness."

So I invite anyone out there reading this blog to create a "Happiness Project." Ask yourself this question,
When do I feel the Happiest ? Is it when you feel connected to something or someone, making a difference, creating laughter, love, hope and happiness ? Do you think "Happiness " is created by ME or We ? Is it more important to have more, give less , create more destruction, pain and greed , or to need less, give more,create beauty and healing? Reclaiming our humanity is our birthright, our purpose on this earth!
You and Me = We.........What an amazing IMPACT that could be!

Look forward to the Happiness that I know We can Create!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Year Later ..Picture From my Heart

   My daughter Kylee   

                     My  wish is that you join in spreading LOVE and LAUGHTER and may the picture inspire all of us to  LIVE  grateful for every moment! 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Awesome Granola !!

Awesome Granola !!
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Today was wonderful day spent creating in the kitchen,and even more enjoyable to listen to Joe comment on how much he enjoyed my raw inspirations. Granola is so fun to make. I felt like a mad scientist in my little but cozy kitchen lab.
Joe and I went to 3 different locations before I found just the right Maple Syrup. Was so excited as I mixed all ingredients in food processor, adding the maple syrup,cranberries, coconut, sunflower seeds,oats, almonds and then for a drop of my new organic vanilla extract. Oh no !!! Wasn't vanilla , it was Peppermint !! I was so so upset, all those wonderful and expensive ingredients ruined!
Slowly raised spoon to bad could it really be ? I couldn't believe it!! It tasted amazing, fabulous, fantastic !!!!!!!!!
Then came the true test ...Joe try this new granola I'm making.. Reaction ? Same as mine , he loved it ...
Lesson learned ......... Sometimes life doesn't go as planned , and thats OK.. !!