Thursday, April 15, 2010

Path Less Traveled

Sun is shining, birds singing, grass greening , coffee on! My list is long today, time has no meaning, the words I write in my journal tonight have yet to be thought of. The people I will meet, the smiles I will give and receive are but in my imagination, but I know it will be so, as, if I put it out there, I will receive all that I dream of . Every person I encounter throughout this day will have a story to tell, some will speak their story, while others wear upon their face. The way they tell their story may be with a smile, a skip to their step or will a frown, angry gesture, face to the ground. As I venture out in to the world today, I know that I will meet with encouragement, as well as whispered hushing behind my back. Some will tell me that my beliefs are based on fear,hope, dreams,and that my beliefs are not backed by society in general. I can choose to listen, changing my beliefs to what is known and excepted or I can forge on, head held high, and follow my heart and spirit ! It does not mean that they are wrong , or that they don't care only means that is even more of a reason for me to STAY true to ME!! I can and will stay on this path to healing my daughter! I feel it so deeply! Not out fear, but out of HOPE !! Hope to share with many , through the blessing we have all been gifted with, but for so so long have closed our hearts and minds too! The Healing Foods from Gods Garden of Love!!!
Walking a the path less traveled is not easy, without its roadblocks or boulders to move, but it does not mean that it can't work !! It is going to take alot of work to raise money, to keep the doomsayers at bay (Doctors carrring little black bag of magic drugs) . But we're ready! The " The Green that Heals" fundraising has begun! So before I put on sneakers, and head down the path , I start the day with this prayer ! Thank you, you have shown me what I could not see, helped me hear what I could not hear and given me what has always been there !!