Sunday, January 16, 2011

Healing can Happen in the Kitchen

Raw Food for Everyone: Essential Techniques and 300 Simple-to-Sophisticated RecipesHave you ever walked into a kitchen , felt your heart lighten, your spirit soar and your energy level increase?
I know to many those words may sound corny, out there or make them go hmmm? But, that is exactly what I felt the moment Elizabeth ( Girl Gone Raw ) opened the door to to welcome me to my Alissa Cohen Level 1 Class. Her smile was as bright as the brightly colored walls of her enchanting studio. The warmth of her heart could be felt on the coldest of days. I felt home, alive and so very happy to be on this Rawsome Journey.
Her kitchen smelled of spices, earthy , rich and so very healthy. The low soothing hum of the dehydrator contained the most awesome raw pizza that would make even a meat an tater man drool for.
Warm Herbal Tea offered, introductions to three enchanting, beautiful women..stories of how, why and when we began our interest in the Raw Food world. There is nothing more healing , than the sharing of our stories. I was blessed today to be apart of some amazing stories from some amazing women.
Elizabeth proceeded creating art out of food that was as beautiful as the art hanging on her walls ( that she painted). We feasted like Goddess's !!!! Tropical Green Smoothie,Zucchini Hummus,Spaghetti ( Angel Hair Pasta) with marinara sauce and Girl Gone Raw Parmesan Cheese . As our palette's were singing with joy, Elizabeth is smiling while moving on to Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Caps, topped with her Guacamole. When I saw those mushrooms my heart started beating a little faster, and my mind racing..I REALLY DISLIKE MUSHROOMS!!! I took a deep breath and told myself get over it, your 52 years old and you've waited a long time to take this are going to try them ! So, with the loving support of all in the room, I lifted the fork, opened my mouth and as bad as I thought... I tell you Elizabeth has some magic going on in that kitchen, as now I can say , I may just eat mushrooms again.:) Never , never to old to teach an old dog new tricks :)
Purple Pockets, Broccoli Soup, Fudge Balls, Chocolate Mocha Milkshake..oh my!!! The energy from all that wonderful healing food is still with me this evening. I feel like I could stay up all night. I want to create all those foods in my kitchen tonight, but will refrain from doing so till tomorrow:) The mirror tells me I'm a middle aged woman, but my body is telling me I'm young, wild and raw :) :)
The three hours flew by, an abundance of wonderful food, laughter, conversations and memories made to last in my heart for years to come.
What a Wonderful Day!!!!!!!!!!! I am proud to say I received my Alissa Cohen's Level 1 Certification ..No stopping me now :)


ain't for city gals said... happy to see you back blogging again!! I think of you often..

rawsomenana said...

Thank you " ain't for city gals"
It's good to be back.. Blogging life is such a healing outlet. My husband and I love reading your blog.." Walking With Natural Joe":)
Trying to get him to begin blogging again as well...:)

Elizabeth said...

YOU ARE AMAZING, RAW NANA! Thank you for sharing your class experience on your blog. You are an inspiration in every way! So happy to have you as a friend! XOXO

Elizabeth said...

I meant to say RAWSOME NANA! xoxo

ADO said...

Excellent writing!! It made me WANT to do this. The blog draws you in and keeps you there until the end. Then you want more to read to keep that same enthusiasm going. Impressive and from the heart. <3