Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heart Echos

Does your heart echo ? Had never really thought of my spiritual heart in quite this way before. A wonderful woman on  Facebook.. posted a picture of a heart and waves of energy surrounding it that was called ( Heart Echo's.) That picture has stayed with me, prompting me to explore the echo's of my heart.

I'm not talking about the physical beating , of blood pumping through to keep us alive, but ,of the gentle waves of energy surrounding and protecting the spiritual heart beat that resonates through all of us. Most never think of our heart in this way. I have been paying close attention to the echo's of my heart the past few days, and those echo's are telling me a lot about myself, the good as well ,as not so good.

Question that I find myself asking is : If my heart echo's the feeling of love, do others feel it? Can the people I love so much feel the loving energy that is coming from my heart, even when days go by without us speaking? Do my daughters and husband feel the echo's of my heart connecting with their heart echo's? Do they feel deep within the unconditional never wavering love that I feel for them? Yes!

This blog has taken many twists and turns since I began it many months ago...It began with the bus hitting our family with the big C word...and as I write this...the C word is back , actually once again the double C word... Cancer& Chemo... Since the very first day of Kylee's diagnosis our family has explored many different alternative healing paths..changing our way of looking at the food we eat, the water we drink, and the thoughts we feel...and most of all the higher power that guides all of us on our journey. I can't even begin to know or speak of the echo's of my loved ones hearts, as we do what humans do best and that is to hold those echo's close to us, covering them up, keeping them hidden. Why? Because we are afraid to let others feel or see all that resides in our hearts. Words not spoken, feelings not shared..but yet in our family there is always , always a knowing, a strong bond that connects the echo's of our hearts . For that I'm so very grateful!

Now, this may seem even stranger to many of you, but I will share with you anyway:) When I eat more organic green vegetables, and vibrant juicy colorful fruits, nuts and grains...I feel energy pumping through my body, mind and spirit..Seriously I do !! This Rawsome Adventure is changing my life!! The way I feel when my feet touch the floor in the morning till I lay my head back down on my pillow at night!! I feel lighter, not just pound wise, but heart wise... I feel more alive, refreshed, calm, centered, whole and creative... To put it in words is hard to fully explain..but here is what I believe ... ( a year ago not so much ) .. I believe that this is my true God given spirit coming alive..pulsing love and faith through my heart ,of which is emitting echo's into the universe to others. In the past month I have met amazing new people, reconnecting with people from my past, understanding and forgiving people that I was unable to do before..I've become more excepting of differences in others, less judgemental, and finding myself aching to reach out and help others .

I know that there is more to this then consuming a healthy organic raw diet. But it certainly is detoxing not only my body, but my mind and spirit... Freeing my heart , releasing the echo's , filling my days with energy and LOVE!!!  I believe that we are what we eat!! That what we eat not only effects the body, but the mind and spirit... Well there is Rawsome Nana's strange but honest raw feelings :):)

May all of you feel the Echo's of  your Heart!!!
And may you feel the love that echo's from mine !!!


ADO said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Not such a crazy idea when you feel it and know it. My heart is in my throat and my eyes are swelling with tears. Weeping not out of despair, but love...love so huge that I can feel it connecting us over the miles with a connection so deep it could move mountains. I give thanks everyday for that love, that connection. You have helped me change and find my heart again. You must keep doing what you are doing...It changes our world.
((( <3 ))) = heart echoes

rawsomenana said...

Now I need tissues :) Thank you so much for the kind words..Ok can't write ...have to wait for the flood gates to close :) xo

ain't for city gals said...

I believe everything goes together...and this post encourages me to do better! When possible would you do a post on how your daughter is doing? I think of her often...my niece and I are going for her second yearly cancer check up Friday...keep us in your thoughts...

rawsomenana said...

ain't for city gals, I certainly will be sending your niece and you postive thoughts and prayers... and Heart Echo's... It will all be good! If you go to blogs I follow you will see one " God Saves " that is Kylee's blog...no one can tell her story like she can... She begins chemo again next Wednesday.. So wish that she didn't have to go down that road again..but she is the strongest woman I know ... Thank you so much for your kind words, and so glad that this post helps... because all of you help me more than you know..xoxo