Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Family that Prays and Juices Together Stays Together

Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases

This is a family committed to healing,love, and strong faith in the healing powers of Gods gift given to all of us to heal. The juicing has begun..!! Over the next several months this young family will be on a journey of healing body, mind and spirit.. But they are never alone in this...there will be a huge network of family, friends, and faith with them every step of the way!!
This is what my Happiness Project is all about!!! Loving, sharing, giving and believing in ourselves and the gift of healing that we have been blessed with, but so often out of fear and the unknown, we go with what is the normal and hand our lives over to others to make all our choices for us. Taking a step into the unknown , a path less traveled is a Big Step, but we were given the complete ability to heal ourselves. It is the individual person that has to do the Work, but they are never alone in this healing journey.. !!!! If this were paper, you would see the stains from my tears of joy!
Love to all of you on this beautiful day !!! And never stop believing in yourselfs !!!! And Never Give Up !!!!


Laurie said...

now you got me with tears of joy flowing! beautiful post. love the photos! Love you!

rawsomenana said...

Love you Too Sis!!

GodSaves1022 said...

This is beautiful Mom~love you and thank you!