Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just for Today

As I start my jounery through this day , my thoughts go to my Reiki Master Training and the words of Dr Mikao Usui ( founder of Reiki). Below are the Reiki Rules of  Life that he wrote long ago, but still hold very powerful healing for many today..So as I go through this day, I shall repeat these words often and be as the little one in the tree above and be Just for Today in this time, this moment, and be grateful..

Reiki Rules of  Life
Just for Today - Thou shalt not anger
Just for Today - Thou shalt not worry
Be thankful for the many blessings.
Earn thy living with honest labor.
Be kind to thy neighbor.

Over time his  Reiki Rules of Life have been adapted for today's age, as follows:

Spiritual Rules of Life
Just for today
be free and happy.
Just for today
have joy.
Just for today you are taken care of.
Live consciously in the moment.
Count your blessings with gratitude.
Honor your parents, teachers and elders.
Earn your living honestly.
Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
Show gratitude to all living things.

Just for today, I will live this day with love, honor, joy and gratitude!!
Love to all of you Today !!!


Laurie said...

Beautiful post, Love it. Enjoy this day! It is a beautiful one. Thinking of you today! Love you

rawsomenana said...

Want to give credit where is credit is due for the past two photos posted..My wonderful husband took these pictures while we were on vacation in Greenville. He has the gift of seeing beauty in nature that many of us just walk by. He is my naturaljoe :)

April H said...

We he obviously got that gift from me :) Just kidding...

rawsomenana said...

Yes April you have many many wonderful gifts...you and your dad certainly share the gift of seeing beauty in nature !!! Love you kiddo