Saturday, April 10, 2010

If ???

If I were an enlightened being, truly in touch with my spirit self, this picture would take me away for a few moments. Take me to a place where there is no pain, suffering, fear, violence and greed. No trash on the side of our roads, no Walmarts or chain grocery stores. But of communities where everyone took care of each other, where people grew old with grace, health and dignity. Where children never had to hear parents fight over the lack of money to pay the bills or put food on the table.Where medical insurance had never been heard of as the peoples insurance was that they would always have an abundance of healthy foods, water, clean air. If a child was hungry all he would have to do is run outside pick fresh vegtables or fruit , filling his little belly with vibrant energy . A place where the aging were cherished for their wisdom and life stories, instead of disgarded like yesterdays newspaper.
I certainly have done my share of pollutting and poisioning this earth.Have spent more time in a Walmart or Chain Store than I wish to admit. Have walked streets while on vacation where the park benches are covered with homeless human beings, while I drink my Starbucks coffee. I have thrown enough food in the trash can over the years to feed many straving children. Owned more clothes and pairs of shoes than is even remotely sane for one person to need. I have taken so much and given so very little back in the 51 years I've been blessed to live on the planet.
Reality of life is that there is no place for me to escape all that I see around me, nor do I want to really escape. What I dream of is a place and a time where neighbors once again take care of each other, that we all need less and give more. I want my children and grandchildren to be healthy, to have an abundance of fresh healing food , clean air to breath and water to drink. Most of all I want a world where people care more about people than they do things! And I pray that someday our Medical Society and Goverment care enough to allow us the Right to our Health. To not ban , hush or destroy the cure for cancer that God created ! The cause of  cancer and most every dis-ease is caused by the industrial revolution and mans greed to have more, more , more and more! How can millions, trillions be made everyday by so many if you take drugs, posions and chemicals away and replace with what really cures? They can't , as nature can't be pattened, so they are making sure the real cure is slowly destroyed. If the FDA says it doesn't work than , they must be right !!
Am I an angry , crazy person ...trying to bring doom , gloom , fear and unhappiness to your day? No! I am a mother, daughter, wife ,grandmother and part of this human race . A human creation , created for a purpose on this earth other than to destroy it.
I want to build a community of Happiness, Abundance, Health and Love, but I can't do it alone and neither can You... We weren't put here to be alone, hungry , homeless , sick ...We were put here to see how long we would allow this to continue!!! Don't worry I'm ok :) Whew time for some organic Chamoile Tea :)

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ain't for city gals said...

Let there be peace on earth...and let it begin with me...That is how I now try to live my life..don't look back...look small step at a time....