Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happiness Project that Makes an Impact

The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, CleThere are moments in all our lives,when something or someone does, says something, demands we listen. We hear the knock at the door and in that instant you become aware that you haven't been home,that the knocking gets louder.That the chains are rusty,unable to keep the intruders at bay much longer. With that said: I no longer can ignore the knocking, the chain hath busted,door flung wide,with nowhere to run,no where left to hide.
No,I haven't lost my mind,running around flapping my arms,sreaming the sky is falling in. Quite contray!I found my mind,but only when I refused to replace the rusted chains.

Almost a year ago,our family was hit by a bus. The IMPACT of that bus changed the course of our lives forever. We realized we had to change our route,to out smart the bus driver and dismantle his ability to run us over again. In our lives we all have heard the knock,felt or seen the bus coming and most of us have plugged our ears,ignored our feelings and closed our eyes. Why? Because we just want to be HAPPY!!! Thats ALL we want, just to be HAPPY!! What happens if we face the truth,ask questions,feel,and open our eyes? We discover that we aren't as happy as we thought we were. That we still want more. More money,clothes,jewels, bigger house,etc.etc. Then, I will be HAPPY! But, for me all those THINGS buy happiness,the happiness wears off, so I buy some more happiness. The IMPACT of that bus effected me in stages. Fear,anger,saddness,anger,anger and then ANGER! The more I spent on things the angier I became,because I just didn't have enough money to buy enough Happines to make the ANGER go away. Are you getting the drift of where this is going?

Please join me in creating "Happiness Project That Makes an Impact."
My mission is to create an Impact on as many peoples lives as possible.
To spend less on things:Need less,waste less.
To spend more time on people,learning,creating ,sharing and giving.
To make small Impacts , that grow into large IMPACTS...
The only true way to Happiness is to spend less time on making ourselves Happy and more time on caring enough to make other people Happy..

OK! This was a long one,tomorrow will be gentler, I promise.
So? Are you waiting for the bus,the chain to break? Or will you please join me for the "Happiness Project?"

There is so much anger,greed and waste. How much longer can money buy Happiness.How much Angier does the Earth have to get before the sky does fall in..

Greed,Anger,Saddness,Lonliness,Toxins,Dis-ease (of which is caused by all the afore mentioned) are all having an IMPACT on our HAPPINESS...!!!



Laurie at The Turner Farm said...

The tears are following! This is a fantastic post Deb. I am excited for you and for this journay. For totally different reasons,we are on the same path. It is a wonderful thing when one gets to the point in there life that there is so much more than stuff. Have a blessed day and look forward to reading more!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

I came over from Laurie's blog. It's so nice to meet you. I am inspired by your post, and I think your observations about happiness are accurate. I look forward to reading more.